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Day: March 12, 2022

The reason why there are almost no cases where a colleague finds out on the phone to confirm enrollment

The reason why there are almost no cases where a colleague finds out on the phone to confirm enrollment – There is almost no worry that your company or colleagues will get caught up in the phone to confirm your enrollment. The reason is that the card company also gives various consideration when making a phone call.
Anxiety factors in common enrollment confirmation

  1. It seems to be persistent until I answer the phone
  2. Let’s get caught in one shot by giving the company name
  3. It seems that people in the company will be perceived by being able to have a long conversation

Even if you have such anxiety, you can get rid of it by referring to the following. The card company also tries to confirm by a well-considered method.

Reason 1: The person does not have to answer the phone

If you receive a confirmation call to your office, you do not need to answer the call. It’s just a confirmation of whether you are enrolled, so it’s okay for someone else to answer the phone.
There is no problem if you can confirm that you are enrolled in the company, such as “I am out of my seat now” or “I am not on holiday today”.
If it is more convenient for you to leave, you can consult with the person in charge of the card company in advance to decide the time. Please be assured that there are many places that give such consideration.

Reason 2: Never call yourself a card loan

The card company does not claim to be a card company by calling to confirm enrollment. After giving your personal name, you will call “I say XX, do you have Mr. XX?”.
In this way, it is common to call with the person in charge’s personal name without giving the company name or financial institution name.
Even if someone at work asks for the requirements, they will respond with consideration, saying, “I put it on my cell phone, but I couldn’t connect …”. The tone will differ depending on the person in charge, but if you are a card company, you will not get caught.

Reason 3: The phone itself takes 1 to 2 minutes

If you answer the phone to confirm your enrollment, the card company will not give your company name when someone other than you answers the phone, but when you answer, it will be “○○ (company name). Thank you for your application. I’m sorry. I called you for confirmation. I’ve confirmed it, so that’s it. “
This completes the phone confirmation. Is it about 1 to 2 minutes in terms of time?
You won’t be suspicious of your place of employment because you won’t have to ask questions or have long conversations.…

Is there a card loan that can be borrowed without confirmation of enrollment?

Is there a card loan that can be borrowed without confirmation of enrollment?

  • ✓ Is there a card loan that can be borrowed without confirmation of enrollment?
  • ✓ Is there anything I can do when I confirm my enrollment?
  • ✓ I want to avoid the phone call to confirm my enrollment!

Many people are worried about confirming their enrollment when applying for a card loan.
Some people may be hesitant to use a card loan because of anxiety such as “If a colleague finds out …”.
Why is enrollment confirmation done in this article? Here’s how you can avoid calling your workplace.

No card loan can be borrowed without confirmation of enrollment!

A phone call to confirm your enrollment, which is often avoided when applying for a card loan.
Basically, there is no card loan that can be borrowed without confirmation of enrollment, but some people are afraid that someone in the company will know when a phone call comes in, and some people will feel uneasy about what to do if it becomes a rumor and give up the application. That’s right.
The only thing I want you to know is that there are other ways than calling. Unfortunately, the registration confirmation itself is a mandatory item and cannot be avoided.
Also, if there is a card company that does not have confirmation of enrollment, please doubt it. Because there is a loan shark.

Enrollment confirmation is done to grasp the actual work situation

The reason why there is a confirmation of enrollment in the first place is simple. This is to understand the actual working conditions of the person who makes the loan.
If you don’t confirm, you can lie, so there is a risk that you will lend to someone who has no repayment ability. Recently, there are people who apply for fraudulent purposes, so it is also a means to prevent it.
It is natural from the lender’s point of view, but we are doing this to confirm the reliability of the other party and whether there is a stable income.

Telephone contact to the company is a common method

Generally, enrollment confirmation is done by telephone contact to your place of employment. This is because it doesn’t take long and can be done quickly and reliably.
However, it is not surprisingly known that there is another way. There is also an enrollment confirmation that can be obtained by submitting documents.
However, this takes time and will prolong the time to loan. Therefore, many card companies do not accept confirmations other than telephone contact.
Also, depending on the card company, there are cases where it is okay to submit documents at the time of application, but telephone confirmation is required later.…

Two anxieties about using a card loan

Two anxieties about using a card loan – If you have never actually taken out a loan with a bank or consumer finance, there are many people who are worried about using a card loan.
The experience of borrowing money from a financial institution is not that much of an experience, nor is it an early experience.
It is said that there are two main factors that make card loan beginners uneasy. I’m worried about interest and trouble after borrowing.

Anxiety 1 | I’m likely to be charged a large amount of interest …

Most people may have a preconceived notion that interest on card loans is high, but if you calculate the actual interest you will pay, you will understand that it will not be that high.

Basic method of calculating interest
✓ Borrowing amount × Interest rate ÷ 365 × Borrowing days = Interest

Assuming that the borrowing amount is 100,000 yen, the interest rate is 18.0%, and the number of days borrowed (the number of days required for repayment) is 30 days, the calculation is as follows.

100,000 yen x 0.18 ÷ 365 x 30 days = 1479.45

Interest paid is 1,479 yen because the numbers after the decimal point are rounded down.

Anxiety 2 | Can I repay properly …

Another possible anxiety when using a card loan is that you may not be able to repay it and you may be in trouble.
Repayment of card loans basically takes the form of “revolving payment”.
For example, if you borrow 100,000 yen, you do not have to repay the full amount and interest one month later.
Since the minimum amount of repayment for one month span is the repayment of principal and interest above a certain level, even if you borrow 100,000 yen, the monthly repayment is several thousand yen, so there is almost no big trouble. prize.

If you have resolved your anxiety, apply for a card loan!

So far, I have described the factors of anxiety about interest and repayment.
Anxiety, which is a common concern, is not a big risk when you actually look it up.
I will explain the flow from application to borrowing for those who actually resolve their anxiety and want to apply for a card loan.
By understanding this flow and checking and preparing at key points, the use of card loans will proceed smoothly.

Prepare necessary documents

Documents are required to apply for a card loan, so if you prepare in advance, the procedure will proceed smoothly.
Documents do not require difficult documents such as going to the government office.
The documents that are generally required are listed below.
・ Identity verification documents (with the current address)
I think that a driver’s license is the most used, but if the current address is stated, a social insurance card can be used instead.
・ Annual income certificate
This applies to withholding slips and pay slips for two months, but it is not always necessary. If you apply for a loan of a certain amount or more, you may be required to submit it.

Internet application

There are various ways to apply for a card loan, but recently, applications using the Internet from official websites and official apps have become the mainstream.
The biggest advantage of online application is that you can apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year while you are at home.
When applying, you will need to enter the necessary information, but if you apply by mail or at the counter, it will take time to fill out the form, copy the documents, and go to the store.
It seems that many people are now using this online application because all of these troubles can be cleared by applying online.

To be examined

After entering the necessary information in the online application and uploading the necessary documents, the examination will be conducted. To use a card loan, you must pass this examination, and if it is rejected, the loan will not be provided.
Stable income is important in the examination. Attributes such as credit information are also investigated.
If you write this, you may get the impression that the hurdles are high, but in reality, you have a stable income regardless of the amount, and if you pay the credit fee and mobile installment fee without delay, there is no big problem.

Card issuance after contract

If you pass the examination and the contract details (interest rate, contract limit, etc.) are notified and confirmed, the procedure will be completed.
In the case of online application, the loan card will be sent by mail after the procedure is completed, so you can use it as soon as you receive it.
If you tell us that you are in a hurry at the time of application, you can also issue a loan card at a nearby unmanned contract machine. It takes time to get to the unmanned contract machine, but you can get the card faster than mailing it, so if you are in a hurry, you may consider it.

Start caching

When you receive your loan card, you can use it to borrow money at a borrower’s financial institution ATM or a convenience store’s affiliated ATM.
Depending on the type of ATM, fees may be charged, so it is recommended to check when actually borrowing.
Nowadays, it is also possible to transfer money directly to your designated bank account from the account page on the official website, and it is best to use it properly according to the purpose.
This is recommended for card loan beginners!

  • ✓ No more worries about repayment methods and interest rates!
  • ✓ The flow from application is perfect!
  • ✓ Which card loan to choose …

Once you have a basic knowledge of card loans, it’s time to choose your ideal lender.
Many people who use it for the first time are worried that “there are too many and I do not know what to do …”, but please check the characteristics of each card loan and choose a product that matches your situation. ..

“Acom” with 1.4 million users nationwide

If you are uncertain about choosing a card loan for the first time, it is recommended to look at the number of users of each financial institution.
It can be judged that it has a good track record because it is used by a wide range of people. Acom, which has been selected by 1.4 million people, is highly known and is recommended for first-time users.

If you don’t want anyone to know, “Promise”

Speaking of well-known card loans, there is also the major consumer finance “Promise” that is familiar to TV commercials.
For those around you who feel uneasy for the first time, you can rest assured that you can use “WEB Complete”, which allows you to borrow money on the Internet using your smartphone or your home PC.
You will need an account with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation or Japan Net Bank, so if you meet the conditions, please consider it.


A card loan is a useful tool that expands your life by understanding how it works and using it with rules and moderation.
We recommend that you carefully consider whether you actually need it and then use a financial institution that suits your needs.…

What does a card loan mean? Thorough solution of elements that beginners feel uneasy

What does a card loan mean? Thorough solution of elements that beginners feel uneasy

  • ✓ Suddenly need a lot of money …
  • ✓ Considering a card loan
  • ✓ I have no idea what kind of service it is …

Many people wonder what a card loan is and what it means to use it.
If you’re worried that it’s okay to use it, this article will help you build up your card loan knowledge.

What is a card loan?

A card loan is an unsecured loan for individuals.

Some loans require collateral, such as real estate mortgages and reverse mortgages, while others do not, but card loans are the latter. 

Also, no guarantor is required.

The use of borrowed money is limited with purpose loans such as education loans and car loans, but in principle the use of money borrowed with card loans is free.

Another feature is that you can repeat borrowing and repayment as many times as you like within the usage limit, which is different from lump-sum loan type free loans.

There are two types

The types of card loans can be roughly classified into two types: “bank card loans” and “consumer finance card loans”.
The characteristics of bank card loans are that interest is relatively low and that you can receive various services (interest preferential treatment, overdraft, etc.) by linking with the bank account you use for your daily life.
The characteristics of consumer credit card loans are that the flow from examination to loan is fast, and that they are linked with each bank’s Internet banking and convenience store affiliated ATMs.

Many people feel uneasy about borrowing …

Those who borrow money for the first time may be worried about using a card loan.

However, if you understand the flow of card loan application, examination, and actual borrowing, how it works, and points to be aware of when using it, you do not need to worry too much.

Card loans are a highly convenient product, but their operation is carried out according to basic rules, and if they do not deviate from those rules, they are not one of the tools that can make life convenient. Is it?…

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – The right choice.

Q: How do you analyze the quality of my items?
A: We use 2 state-of-the-art tests to assess the value of your precious leafs: electronic analysis and visual fluorescence testing.

Q: How is submitting my items “risk free”?
A: If you change your mind about selling your maple leaves, simply contact us and return your payment within 1 day. Once we have received your refund, we’ll be happy to return your items to you free of charge.

Q: How will you keep my items secure?
A: stores your valuables in a vault within a locked room, inside a secure area protected by bulletproof glass. The entire secure area is monitored by video 24/7.

Q: What will you do with our leaves?
A: We’ll be taking each leaf through a 3-day preservation process where we fully encapsulate the Maple leaf in an epoxy-resin. The leaf undergoes “dips” of resin and a 12hr drying period in between.…

The Backstory…

The Backstory…

The Backstory… – This Fall has been unusually warm, and has caused a short season here in Massachusetts.

Coupled with a drought over the summer and a windy weekend in the greater-Boston area… it’s the perfect storm to hit our Maple leaf business We’re leaf arbitrageurs!

Please note:

  • Atlantic Ventures LLC reserves the right to approve or deny any leaf
  • If the leaf doesn’t meet our quality standards, we’ll ship it back to you in a sealed plastic bag for free
  • We buy in quantities of 100.
  • You pay for shipping

Examples of Maple leaves we’ve purchased…

How does it work?

How does it work?

How does it work? – Step 1. Collect and sort through 25 leaves from your yard or property. Try and keep the stems intact.
Step 2: Take pictures of your best 5 leafs
Step 3. Email your pictures to
Step 4: A member of our staff will reply to your email approving / denying your bid. Expected wait is ~12hrs

Step 5: If it’s a deal, we’ll prepare the purchase agreement and buy 100 Maple Leaves
Step 6: Payment: 50% upfront, 50% upon completion
Step 7: Shipping: You are responsible for packaging each leaf into an airtight and sealed bag (you can buy these at bed bath & beyond for like $15)
Step 8: Receive & Inspection: We reserve the right to return any Maple leaves that have been damaged in transit, or have dried out (color or size)…

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?*Each leaf is required to meet the following conditions:

  • No visible imperfections, mold, bugs, tears or excessive decay
  • Must be collected & shipped from New England (MA, NH, VT, ME, RI & CT)
  • Must be shipped in a sealed plastic bag
  • Must be Red, Yellow or Orange (or a combination)
  • No Brown leaves (anywhere) are accepted, even the smallest parts with brown will be rejected
  • Use your best judgement based on the pictures of our products.  
  • We want to buy your absolute BEST leaves
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