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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – The right choice.

Q: How do you analyze the quality of my items?
A: We use 2 state-of-the-art tests to assess the value of your precious leafs: electronic analysis and visual fluorescence testing.

Q: How is submitting my items “risk free”?
A: If you change your mind about selling your maple leaves, simply contact us and return your payment within 1 day. Once we have received your refund, we’ll be happy to return your items to you free of charge.

Q: How will you keep my items secure?
A: stores your valuables in a vault within a locked room, inside a secure area protected by bulletproof glass. The entire secure area is monitored by video 24/7.

Q: What will you do with our leaves?
A: We’ll be taking each leaf through a 3-day preservation process where we fully encapsulate the Maple leaf in an epoxy-resin. The leaf undergoes “dips” of resin and a 12hr drying period in between.

Zachary Rhodes

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