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The reason why there are almost no cases where a colleague finds out on the phone to confirm enrollment

The reason why there are almost no cases where a colleague finds out on the phone to confirm enrollment – There is almost no worry that your company or colleagues will get caught up in the phone to confirm your enrollment. The reason is that the card company also gives various consideration when making a phone call.
Anxiety factors in common enrollment confirmation

  1. It seems to be persistent until I answer the phone
  2. Let’s get caught in one shot by giving the company name
  3. It seems that people in the company will be perceived by being able to have a long conversation

Even if you have such anxiety, you can get rid of it by referring to the following. The card company also tries to confirm by a well-considered method.

Reason 1: The person does not have to answer the phone

If you receive a confirmation call to your office, you do not need to answer the call. It’s just a confirmation of whether you are enrolled, so it’s okay for someone else to answer the phone.
There is no problem if you can confirm that you are enrolled in the company, such as “I am out of my seat now” or “I am not on holiday today”.
If it is more convenient for you to leave, you can consult with the person in charge of the card company in advance to decide the time. Please be assured that there are many places that give such consideration.

Reason 2: Never call yourself a card loan

The card company does not claim to be a card company by calling to confirm enrollment. After giving your personal name, you will call “I say XX, do you have Mr. XX?”.
In this way, it is common to call with the person in charge’s personal name without giving the company name or financial institution name.
Even if someone at work asks for the requirements, they will respond with consideration, saying, “I put it on my cell phone, but I couldn’t connect …”. The tone will differ depending on the person in charge, but if you are a card company, you will not get caught.

Reason 3: The phone itself takes 1 to 2 minutes

If you answer the phone to confirm your enrollment, the card company will not give your company name when someone other than you answers the phone, but when you answer, it will be “○○ (company name). Thank you for your application. I’m sorry. I called you for confirmation. I’ve confirmed it, so that’s it. “
This completes the phone confirmation. Is it about 1 to 2 minutes in terms of time?
You won’t be suspicious of your place of employment because you won’t have to ask questions or have long conversations.

Zachary Rhodes

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